A New Era for Milpark Business School’s Distance Learning MBA

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A New Era for Milpark Business School’s Distance Learning MBA


In support of our vision to empower Africa through business education, Milpark Business School (MBS) recently enhanced its distance learning MBA. Drawing on lessons learned, widespread collaboration with our Apollo partners and leveraging off technology enablers, our MBS team embarked on the development of what they envisaged to be a game-changing product. The goal was to remain relevant and stimulate new growth, but more importantly, to create an optimal learning experience for our Distance Learning (DL) MBA students.

The enhancement of the DL delivery implied, amongst others, reviewing the instructional design through to the delivery channels and technology levers. After numerous iterations, tests and retests, the combined commitment and effortless dedication of the entire value chain (Academics, IT, Admin, etc.), Milpark Business School saw the dawn of a new era for our DL offering.

The net effect of the novel Milpark Business School DL MBA is a significant improvement in student engagement and academic support. The environment facilitates a blend between synchronous and asynchronous learning and is coordinated by one lecturer per cohort of 20 students. Course material is neatly packaged into six, bi-weekly sessions to ensure systematic progression through a module’s courseware. Regular live sessions happen through [email protected], where learning is further enhanced through online group discussions and activities as well as online quizzes and tests. In addition to this, and in pursuit of improved assignment quality, all assignments will pass through Turnitin, a technology which assesses the authenticity of a student’s work to prevent plagiarism, before being uploaded online. Marking and moderation of assignments will now also be done online, dramatically reducing the time between marking and student feedback.

“Henceforth, Milpark Business School's MBA DL students - no matter how remotely they might be situated - will enjoy a learning experience and support, which potentially, could exceed that of their Contact Learning (CL) peers. The engaging and interactive online learning experience allows students to deep-dive into a relevant, contemporary and impactful curriculum at their own pace, wherever and whenever is most convenient for them.” - Dean of Milpark’s Business School, Dr Cobus Oosthuizen (Ph.D.).

In the context of South African Distance Learning MBAs, Milpark Business School is convinced that it has established a competitive advantage; a position we plan to capitalise on.

Milpark Business School's new DL MBA launched on 26 February 2016 with the first four modules for 2016's first semester.

For more information about Milpark Business School's MBA offerings, email us at [email protected] or call 086 999 0030.

27 Jun 2016