Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers (Online)

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers (Online)

To perform optimally in their work environments, non-financial managers must have basic financial management knowledge and skills. These skills are also critical for entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow a business to ensure its success. 


The Finance for Non-Financial Managers course is designed to enable people with no financial background to understand finance and its associated terminology. It will introduce you to basic financial management principles, empowering you to better understand the financial aspects of business and management decisions, and to do the basics, like:

  • understanding and analysing financial statements.

  • completing basic cash and capital budgeting.

  • managing working capital.

  • making valid pricing decisions.

  • assessing project progress and returns.

This course is best suited to students who don't have a financial background, but who need to better understand the financial aspects of business and management decisions. It's ideal for small business owners, general managers, entrepreneurs, heads of department, marketing managers, human resources managers, bookkeepers and people in professions such as engineering, architecture or medicine.



On successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • demonstrate an understanding of the broader environment of financial management.
  • draw up and understand basic financial statements.

  • interpret financial statements, and use the information to make the necessary decisions.

  • evaluate the financial viability of an organisation/project by making use of basic financial ratios.

  • demonstrate an understanding of the importance of working capital and cash flow in a business.

  • apply the fundamentals of budgets and compile a monthly budget for a 12-month period in line with operational plans.

  • compile a financial plan and supervise the financial management of a unit against given requirements.

  • make pricing and investment decisions.



  • This course has no admission requirements.
  • A good level of English reading and writing proficiency is recommended. 
How to apply

Students need to complete the following process in order to register for this course.

Before applying, be sure that you:

  1. meet the minimum entry requirements as per the course programme brochure.
  2. adhere to the admission closing dates as per the course programme timetable.
  3. have all required documentation available as set out in the course program brochure.

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