Milpark alumnus reflects on his BCom journey

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Milpark alumnus reflects on his BCom journey


In today’s competitive labour market, having a degree for entry level positions in the financial services industry has become crucial. While a degree is only a foot in the door, graduates who enter these fields can expect competitive salaries in a fast paced environment.

The Milpark Education Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Banking qualification has become popular among graduates that want to be exposed to crucial areas of the banking sector and to better understand the financial system which is at the heart of every economy. We caught up with Milpark alumnus, Thulane Radebe who shared his journey of studying the BCom in banking programme both via Contact Learning and Distance Learning Online and how it has changed both his personal and professional life.

Q: Describe your experience studying at Milpark Education?

A: When I first began my studies at Milpark Education, I studied through contact learning. The care and support that was offered by the school and lecturers was amazing. The library and resources offered an edge to students to maximise their focus and dedication to their work when working on assignments and day-to-day research. When I started with distance learning online, I had my doubts at first. I was sceptical around the whole transformation but the platform which was created made sure that students still have that contact feeling with each other and the lecturer through the myMilpark portal.

Q: What were the main factors that drove you towards the Milpark Education BCom in banking programme?

A: Beyond the passion, it was the sense of accomplishment and being a qualified banker, it was the thought of acquiring knowledge and experience while still being able to work at the same time.

Q: What impact did the BCom programme have in your life – both personal and professional?

A: The BCom opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking; it improved my problem-solving skills, made me more creative when approaching problematic situations and questions. Now I understand how to better approach a question, with this understanding, this improves my response. This is not a reference to examinations and assignments but also better understanding of what is required of us in our workplaces as managers. 

Q: What is your current occupation and how has the qualification helped in the growth of your career?

A: I currently work as a Stock Manager for a steel engineering company – this usually surprises people and I am always asked why did I study a banking qualification instead of a qualification that relates to my current occupation? I always say that this is just another way that proves Milpark’s efficiency in growing individuals that are flexible thinkers and help you not only focus into a specific field but equip you with the resources and skills to be efficient, diverse and proficient in any industry.

Q: Would you say that studying the BCom programme has given you more insight into the world of entrepreneurship or management?

A: Definitely. I understand now that there are contributing factors into everyday decisions made locally and internationally for economies and both require different strategic outlooks for developing and developed countries. I understand that management is not just about getting the job done! Management is a feeling, its relationship building and if some of these elements are overlooked than you will be in for a tough time.

Q: Why would you recommend the Milpark BCom programme?  

A: I would highly recommend the Milpark BCom programme to a prospective student for the following reasons:

  • The environment and the classrooms at Milpark allows for a more personal engagement with lecturers,
  • Milpark’s lecturers are all qualified in their respective fields and offer support to their students if required on difficult to understand modules beyond their time,
  • Milpark offers three learning options; contact learning, distance learning and distance learning online,
  • Through distance learning online, Milpark tutors are available anytime you need them. Just send an email and they will gladly assist you
  • Students studying through the online route experience that their classes are structured in a more convenient fashion.  
  • Milpark’s cultural diversity creates an environment where students can connect and share ideas

The Milpark BCom in banking is now offered via a tech-focused delivery mode, distance learning online. This allows students to attend classes from the comfort of their own home, or from anywhere in the world. The qualification is also offered via contact learning at our campus in Melville, Johannesburg for those that enjoy campus life but there are specific  banking modules that are offered in the distance learning online mode.


05 Jul 2017