Milpark donates to the Greater Benoni Child Welfare

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Milpark donates to the Greater Benoni Child Welfare


As a gesture aimed at making a positive difference in society, Milpark Education donated R140 000 to the Greater Benoni Child Welfare, a registered non-profit organisation that renders statutory services to children 12 years old and younger in the east of Johannesburg.

The welfare, established in the 1920’s, has for decades, worked tirelessly to protect and promote the interests, well-being, safety and development of children within the context of family and community and to safeguard the rights of children through a holistic, intersectoral, developmental and comprehensive system of social services.

Held on Thursday, 30 November at the institution’s Melville campus in Johannesburg, the prize-giving event is a result of corporate social responsibility projects completed by students as part of the MBA Social Responsibility and Environmental Management (SREM) module. The module examines the social, ethical and environmental issues faced by both business and organisations, providing business leaders with a theoretically underpinned analytical perspective of corporate social responsibility and enabling them to critically assess related issues.

Students have to engage with a registered charity organisation of their choice and investigate its background. In a presentation, they have to recommend why the selected charity should be supported as part of a corporate social responsibility strategy. They are then required to provide a comprehensive motivation for their support initiative. Subsequently, the winning group’s charity receives a prize from Milpark Education.

Dr Cobus Oosthuizen, Dean of Milpark Business School, said: “By receiving this award today, you have demonstrated not only your mastery of the theoretical underpinning of these issues but most importantly, the practical application, which is commendable. We endeavour to weave these threads throughout the MBA programme because we argue that it needs to permeate the thinking, reasoning and acting of a contemporary manager.”

“We take the matter very seriously, and we are delighted when students demonstrate the application of these principles in practice,” he added. 

01 Dec 2017