Milpark's approach to teaching & learning

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Milpark's approach to teaching & learning


Students have different needs and we, at Milpark, do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to delivering our qualifications. We have designed bespoke modes of delivery, built around your requirements.

How you can learn at Milpark?

1. Full-time: If you’ve left school and are able to study with us full-time, you can do so at our campus in Johannesburg. We offer qualifications on a full-time contact-learning basis, with face-to-face sessions delivered during the day by lecturers with industry experience. “Our contact learning mode has multiple assessment points that include a combination of individual assignments, online tests and group work. Learning starts with engagement and we therefore incorporate student participation in our face-to-face sessions. Students are challenged to apply what they have learnt and to collaborate with their peers in discussion and debate. Contact learning students have access to our virtual learning environment, where materials and assessments can be retrieved and students can get assistance between lectures,” says Esther Venter, Executive Dean at Milpark Education.

2. Part-time contact classes: If you prefer face-to-face interaction with a lecturer and peers, you can join Milpark’s part-time contact classes in Johannesburg. These classes are delivered outside of normal working hours, which makes it possible for you to work and study at the same time.

3. Home study: There are many young people who have no choice but to take up employment while studying towards a tertiary qualification. A large percentage of students are also older, employed fulltime, and have families and other responsibilities. If you prefer to study from the comfort of your home, in South Africa or abroad, Milpark offers two different distance-learning options.

a) Distance learning online (DLO): This combines high-engagement learning with flexibility to enable working adults to fit their studies around their lives. Milpark guarantees an unparalleled lecturer-to-student ratio of 1:25. “Assessment consists of a combination of online/class participation, online tests, assignments and exams. Some of the more advanced modules also involve group work, which we facilitate online,” says Esther.

b) Pure distance-learning: This caters to students who need flexibility when they study. Other than a number of goalpost assessments that need to be completed at specific times during the semester, you have the freedom to decide how and when you want to study. Tutor support is available to you within 48 hours, regardless of where you are situated.

What else does Milpark offer?

Milpark does not only offer full qualifications. It is useful to supplement one’s CV with short courses in relevant fields, thereby adding valuable knowledge and skills to formal qualifications and experience. “For this purpose, Milpark offers a range of online short courses that focus on topical fields. These courses were designed to be of practical value to those wanting to expand their horizons,” adds Esther.

16 Aug 2018