Season’s Greetings from Milpark Education

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Season’s Greetings from Milpark Education


The holidays are a wonderful time for loved ones to gather and reflect on the past year. It is also the time to welcome the coming year with hope and enthusiasm. Most importantly, the holidays give us an opportunity to be thankful for what we have and support those who are less fortunate.

This is also the time to look back on a very busy and successful year at Milpark Education. Despite the daily challenges we face as a higher education institution in South Africa, our enrolments have seen steady growth.  

Our goal, as Milpark Education, is to be the first choice for students and we continue to offer an excellent learning experience. We have refined our curriculum, upgraded our facilities, increased our student support and offered more activities. Through continued brand exposure and positive online sentiment, we continue to attract a large number of students and corporates, and they remain pleased with our service which helps them to realise their dreams.   

This year, Milpark Education launched its new brand corporate identity and brand platform “Learn to Thrive” and its first-ever television commercial. It was a great opportunity, not only to celebrate our achievements, but also to show you our new programmes and branding. Just as important, was the chance to listen to what you want.

In 2018, we will continue to match our programmes with student needs, help them achieve their goals and ensure that their experience at Milpark Education is valuable and enjoyable. On behalf of Milpark Education, may the spirit of this wonderful season be with you and your loved ones throughout the holidays, and many blessings in the new year.


15 Dec 2017