What is Stadio’s Multiversity?

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What is Stadio's Multiversity?


Stadio Holdings is an investment company in private higher education, which currently supports five prestigious institutions that make up its ‘multiversity’, including film, TV and performance school AFDA, fashion design school LISOF, and private education institutions Embury, Milpark Education (incorporating CA Connect) and Southern Business School.

“These all offer a variety of qualifications from higher certificates to Masters degrees and Doctorates. We’ve acquired the some of the best tertiary institutions in their respective sectors and there will be further acquisitions to expand our product offerings to cater to students’ diverse and relevant needs,” says Julian Ribeiro, Stadio’s head of marketing. 

Stadio has ambitions to create a multiversity of 100,000 students. “Ultimately, our aim is to widen access to higher education. Stadio will offer a comprehensive range of faculties – not just the ones we currently offer. We’ll achieve this through further acquisition, or we’ll develop our own curricula.” adds Julian.

The benefits of the Stadio Multiversity

  1. Pooling of resources: Students will thrive under the ability to connect with other students and lecturers through the Multiversity. They will be able to benefit from the fact that the higher education institutions will be able to pool their resources.
  2. Better access: The Multiversity will widen access to higher education learning opportunities for South African school-leavers and adults through a comprehensive range of faculties.
  3. Flexibility and choice: Students have the choice of distance and contact learning, which may help them to gain employment while studying. In addition, the Multiversity will enable students to transfer between campuses and faculties with no administrative hassle and, as far as possible, without loss of credits and time.
  4. Competitive prices: The change to Stadio Multiversity will not generate higher student fees: rather, the consolidation will facilitate economies of scale that will be passed onto our students.

Why Stadio can play a meaningful role

The unemployment rate of South Africa currently stands at around 27.7%. Stadio believes that education and training remains important to reduce unemployment and promote economic growth.

“According to our research, the graduate unemployment rate is about 5%, which means that a degree or post-school qualification dramatically increases the probability of securing employment. With Stadio making such qualifications more accessible, it will only help to boost our economic security and stability,” says Julian.





19 Sep 2018