The skills your CV needs by 2020

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The skills your CV needs by 2020


The current job scenario is entirely different from that of previous generations. Those preparing to leave the workforce may have spent their entire careers at one company, in one field, while those starting right at the bottom of the chain today are no stranger to hopping between jobs every 12 - 18 months. The average time spent in one job has dropped to just 4.2 years. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) produced a report on the Future of Jobs, in which they outlined the ten skills we will all need by 2020. Consistency in the workplace is not the only change, though. The skills needed to succeed in the workplace are constantly changing and will continue to change throughout a worker’s life.

The trends identified by the report are being felt already: cloud computing, mobile internet and big data are changing the way we do our jobs. By 2020, it predicts that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be here, with robotics, artificial intelligence and automation making some roles obsolete. Jobs such as administration, manufacturing and construction will sink, while business, financial operations and management will rise. The work itself will change as geopolitics, consumer ethics, climate change and access to scarce natural resources become increasingly material to corporate strategies. 

The WEF believes that 35% of the skills workers need will have changed by 2020, regardless of industry. Here are the skills you can start learning today that will help you stay relevant and get hired in 2020:

  • Technological literacy. Those working in sales and manufacturing will need new and transferable skills.
  • People management. Emotional intelligence and the ability to coordinate with others will become two top skills needed by all.
  • Social skills. Humans are currently better at social interactions than robots, making skills such as negotiation vital in all repertoires.
  • Service orientation. Being able to anticipate and meet the demands and values of consumers will be an invaluable skill for adapting a business’s services to future trends.
  • Judgement and decision-making. Known as systems skills, these will be necessary for companies who depend increasingly on data to make decisions.
  • Creativity. As humans are still able to think and behave more creatively than computers, this will become one of the top three skills you need.
  • Critical thinking. The ability to think critically will make workers highly employable in 2020.
  • Complex problem-solving. The most desired skill to have by 2020, this is defined as the ability “to solve novel, ill-defined problems in a complex, real-world setting.”.

It seems, though, that the current technological trends are bringing about an unprecedented rate of change in the core curriculum content of many academic fields. Nearly 50 percent of subject knowledge acquired during the first year of a four-year degree will be outdated by the time students graduate, according to a popular research paper from Oxford University. It was also found that automation threatens a range of professions, not just everyday work, and that an estimated 47 percent of jobs are at risk in the United States.

So how do you make your CV future proof?

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01 Feb 2018