Support to students with disabilities

Milpark is committed to avoiding discrimination and to ensuring that students with disabilities have access to all programmes at the institution in terms of facilities, learning materials, tuition and support.

Administrative support

The institution and its administrative support departments will provide potential students with disabilities with the necessary information to enable them to make an informed choice in terms of career and programme. Information will be provided in an accessible format in order to facilitate the application process successfully.

Disabled students will be assisted during the registration process in terms of clear communication and support in order to complete the registration process successfully and to enable the student to start his/her studies without problems. The unique needs of each disabled student will be recorded in order to provide relevant and sufficient support.

Students will be provided with efficient and accessible general administrative support on a continuous basis for the duration of their studies.

Tuition and learning

As far as possible, disabled students will be provided with accessible materials suited to the nature of the disability. Disabled students studying via distance learning will be provided with sufficient support and tutoring to enable them to be successful.

Disabled students studying via contact learning will be accommodated in accessible facilities and will receive support from teaching staff relevant to the disability.

The needs of disabled students will wherever practicable be accommodated during formative and summative assessment – this includes the production of question papers in different formats for separate administration and the administration of oral examinations where relevant.

Please contact us for further information.