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Bachelor of Business Administration (majoring in Banking)

Interested in a career in business administration or in banking? Then the BBA with a major in Banking is the course for you. This all-encompassing course will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to operate effectively in a management role within the banking sector. It also serves as a foundation for those wanting to do postgraduate studies in Business Administration or Banking.

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The Bachelor of Business Administration (with a major in Banking) will develop in you a keen understanding of the various aspects of business management (within the context of the banking sector) as well as how to practically and effectively apply this understanding.

This course will enable you to:

  • communicate effectively in the business environment
  • conceptualise, conduct and report on business research
  • apply management principles in a business environment
  • understand the economic and legal environment
  • understand the roles, processes and interfaces between departments within a business
  • drive transformational change
  • understand the entrepreneurial process and the role of entrepreneurship in business and economic development.
Distance Learning Online (DLO) Distance Learning (DL)
Cycle 5 Semester 2
Close of Admission/application: 12 August 2022 Close of Admission/application: 18 July 2022
Close of Registration: 26 August 2022 Close of Registration: 21 July 2022


Cycle 6
Close of Admission/Application: 7 October 2022
Close of Registration: 21 October 2022