“How the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are being linked in the Milpark Business School curriculum”

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How the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are being linked in the Milpark Business School curriculum


This is a decade for action, and we as responsible and ethical leaders need to make an urgent and concerted effort to spread awareness of the importance of the SDGs and attempt to find a means of mobilising people in order for us to reach the SDGs goals by 2030. The global agenda of the 17 SDGs, which have been adopted by the United Nations (UN), is far-reaching and covers goals for people, our planet and prosperity. Another aspect of the UN’s agenda, to transform our world, is to strengthen universal peace and freedom. These goals involve all of us as part of the wider continental and global community.

One of the ways we are addressing the decade of action is to infuse the goals of the SDGs into our curriculum, for our Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and the Master’s in Business Administration. Students are required to research specific SDGs that are most pertinent to the subjects they are completing. Within their assessments, they need to propose innovative solutions that will work towards achieving the goals. This could be a solution for their organisations, their immediate community or society at large.  In addition, our research focus has shifted to focus on the SDGs, within a framework of living and working in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We feel that focusing on the SDGs is important when we speak of developing ethical leaders, who do the right things, for the common good. By ensuring that our students are aware of the urgency of trying to reach these goals, being focused on finding ways to address the issues that the SDGs encompass, and using the curriculum as a mechanism to ignite action, we hope to make an impact through our students’ work and our research.



23 Mar 2020