2017 Youth Day Message from the Executive Dean

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2017 Youth Day Message from the Executive Dean


Youth Day recalls a day marked by conflict, but it is a unique event in South Africa's calendar, as it celebrates the potential of youth to bring about change and recognises the transformative power of education.

Through education, each one of us is able to realise our own potential, contribute to our communities and to broader society, and rebalance the inequalities caused by poverty, disadvantage and discrimination. Education is the only possible foundation of a democratic society where the opportunity for self-advancement and self-actualisation is available to all.

As we celebrate the 41st anniversary of June 16, 1976 and reflect on how far South Africa has come in the past decades, I am confident that by continuing the commitment we show to increasing and improving access to education, we will reap the rewards in our society. In his speech on June 16, 1995 in Ladysmith, former South African president, Nelson Mandela, said: “Education is the most important asset that our youth should acquire, and […] for the government to succeed in improving education, it must have the support of students, teachers and parents alike… This generation of youth stands at the border-line between the past of oppression and repression, and the future of prosperity, peace and harmony.”

Many still face hardships, but at Milpark we are proud to be doing our part, committed to advancing the educational ideals not only of Mandela and others, but of every liberal society. South Africa is filled with optimism, commitment and the determination to realise this, and we celebrate and remember those who stood up for their ideals on June 16, 1976. Together, let us continue on this path of furthering the society they once only dreamt of.

Esther Venter

Executive Dean 

15 Jun 2017