A message from our CEO

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A message from our CEO


Dear Students, Alumni and Valued Clients,

I’m pleased to inform you that, as of 19 March 2018, Milpark Education is once again a proudly South African owned business.

Milpark has been bought by local higher education listed entity Stadio Holdings and, listed BBBEE partners, Brimstone Investment Corporation. This brings to a close our time as part of the global Apollo Global Management group, based in the United States. We are thankful for the time spent as part of Apollo and were fortunate to learn many lessons about developing and delivering world-class education, using the latest in higher education technology. We are looking forward to the journey ahead as part of the Stadio family, a family united in delivering a vision of widening access to higher-education for South Africans from all walks of life.

We are joined in the Stadio Holdings group by AFDA, the Embury Institute, LISOF and Southern Business School. Together the group will deliver on our common commitment to serve a diversity of student types and study choices. Students will be able to study towards qualifications in filmmaking, advertising, teaching, fashion, design, marketing and commerce, within Stadio. We remain focused on developing products and service solutions to address the changing needs of our corporate clients, students and the local communities in which we operate. We will continue to seek open and meaningful dialogue with all role-players as we strive to address the challenges of unemployment, an increasingly digitised economy, and the changing world of work.  

We are encouraged by the confidence that Stadio and Brimstone have shown in acquiring Milpark, and together we are looking forward to the next stage in the growth of the business. The first step on this path will be when we join with the rest of Stadio in the construction of the first new campus in Durbanville, Cape Town, in 2019.

Wishing you all a successful 2018.



Julian van der Westhuizen

CEO, Milpark Education 


03 Apr 2018