Be future proof: what you need to know about preparing for the future

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Be future proof: what you need to know about preparing for the future


According to predictions by the World Economic Forum (WEF), 65% of the jobs of the future don’t exist yet. In this rapidly changing world of technology and artificial intelligence, how do you stay relevant and ensure that your skills and your business are future proof?

John Sanei, trend and innovation specialist and best-selling author of What’s your Moonshot?, says that you can start by exposing yourself to the future every day.

“There is a lot of content on the Internet that unpacks the emerging megatrends and the world of the future,” says Sanei. “By engaging with these resources every day, you start to think differently, you remove any fear that you may have about the future and slowly start preparing for it.”

Future Mindset

In his book, Sanei outlines a holistic three-pillar approach to future proofing: where human psychology, business strategy and future studies meet. Examining your inner dialogue and determining your own beliefs and biases, or “micro-inspection”, helps to prepare your mind for the future.

“Being a pessimist involves 0% courage. Optimism is courageous. By being optimistic about the future, you can be flexible and adapt as it unfolds,” says Sanei.

Lifelong Learning

Education is also changing rapidly, with a need to be responsive and flexible. As the world is ever changing, lifelong learning, or “forever learning”, as Sanei calls it, is key. Online courses and learning programmes have made it easier than ever to evolve by improving your skills base.

Up your AQ

Agility is the ultimate ability when it comes the future, along with key transferable skills like critical problem- solving, creativity and communication. “IQ is no longer as important as it once was,” adds Sanei. “Technology has and will continue to take over many jobs that once required a level of intelligence. The focus of the future is on AQ or agility quotient.”

Sanei concludes: “By blending a positive mindset and willingness to learn with emerging trends and good business practices, you can begin to establish a workable strategy to safeguard your career.”


18 Jun 2018