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Behind The Scenes


Written by Beverley Bartlett, Lecturer | SABPP | HR Professional, Learning & Development, School of Commerce

Have you ever wondered how your study material came about? Today, we will explore one of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Human Resources modules, Performance Management and Productivity, and look at the material development process. When textbooks are selected for any Milpark Education course, the emphasis is on South African context, price and accessibility. This is because overseas texts can be a challenge if they have to be purchased and accessed in a foreign currency, as well as the fact that it would also put strain on the prospective student’s budget. The South African textbook needs to be current and up to date, and it should authored by thought leaders in their respective fields.

When this module was approved, the search was on for a credible text. The publisher, Van Schaik Publishers, was approached, as we could not find a comprehensive South African text on this important topic. It was agreed that we needed to produce the textbook, and so the search began for prospective authors. The very respected Marius Meyer (ex South African Board of People Practice [SABPP] Chairperson) and Maryam Moosa (from the University of South Africa [UNISA]) were selected as editors, and various South African academics were approached to author specific chapters based on their academic specialty. Beverley Bartlett from Milpark Education was asked to write chapters on performance management skills and employment relations issues pertaining to the performance management process. Beverley said that it was a great honour to be included as part of this esteemed panel, and to be able to represent private higher education among academics from public South African universities was a privilege.

In terms of the timeline of the material development process, the research for this module started in late 2018, and the textbook “Performance Management – a contemporary South African perspective” was published in 2021. The Milpark Education study material was written by using a proof copy (unpublished text) so that it would be ready in time for the first students to register. The Performance Management and Productivity module will be available in 2022, with the specifically tailored material mentioned above. The comprehensive nature of the material will prepare the Human Resource graduates and provide them with the required skills to add value to their workplace.


16 Aug 2021