Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Online)

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Online)

Discover the essence of entrepreneurship and learn how innovation works.


The global economy, global competition and accelerating technological changes make it necessary for organisations to improve their innovation capability and become more entrepreneurial by tapping into the creative power of their employees. Managers and employees need to think, reason and act like entrepreneurs within the organisation to take new ideas and turn them into profitable new realities.

The Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation course provides the necessary knowledge, concepts and tools that managers need to successfully pursue corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, providing a structured approach to understanding and managing corporate entrepreneurship and innovation in your organisation in order to gain competitive advantage. Milpark Education’s Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation course is suitable for managers of established companies who need to unlock the entrepreneurial capabilities of their employees to set the organisation on a path of sustainable growth. 


On successful completion of this short course, you will able to: 

  • understand corporate entrepreneurship (its dimensions and types).
  • understand innovation (its sources, types, and approaches to innovation).
  • develop an innovation strategy, innovation portfolio and mechanisms for measuring innovation.
  • integrate entrepreneurship into your corporate strategy, structure the company for entrepreneurship and develop an entrepreneurial climate.
  • lead your organisation in improving and sustaining its entrepreneurial performance.




  • This course has no admission requirements.
  • A good level of English reading and writing proficiency is required. 
How to apply

Students need to complete the following process in order to register for this course.

Before applying, be sure that you:

  1. meet the minimum entry requirements as per the course programme brochure.
  2. adhere to the admission closing dates as per the course programme timetable.
  3. have all required documentation available as set out in the course program brochure.

Contact our student service centre at 086 999 0001 where a consultant will gladly assist you by completing your admission application on your behalf.

Upon successful admission, you will receive a confirmation SMS and email, as well as login details to access myMilparkmyMilpark, our online student environment.