CRDB bank employees graduate

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CRDB bank employees graduate


The steady rise of technology and the constant need for the global banking industry to innovate and modernise everyday banking transaction tasks, attest to the fact that banking employees need continuously to update their skills in order for them to remain relevant.

The 2018 class of graduates from the Cooperative Rural Development Bank (CRDB) in Tanzania bears testament to this, reiterating that the banking industry is constantly changing and that their Milpark qualifications will allow them to stand out from the rest. CRDB Bank was formed when the former Cooperative Rural Development Bank, which had been wholly government-owned, was privatised, recapitalised, and restructured. 

To date, the bank has enabled over 150 of its staff to study various banking qualifications with Milpark Education – the Higher Diploma in Banking being a firm favourite. Antje Hargarter, dean of the Milpark School of Investment and Banking, said: “One of the advantages of completing Milpark’s qualifications is that CRDB students receive relevant banking designations from the South African Institute of Banking. CRDB staff and line managers have also commented on the added value that the qualifications deliver in terms of everyday banking knowledge and skills, and resilience as a result of completing a distance learning programme in a fairly short space of time.”

Before the graduation ceremony started, the students shared how studying via distance learning opened up a new learning experience for them. One student said: “Studying the qualification through distance learning opened my eyes to a new way of learning and I enjoyed it.”

Another shared: “The one amazing aspect of our studies was the support we received from our tutors and the rest of the academic team – it was almost as if I was the only student studying the course. It has really been an interesting journey for me and I want to pursue a postgrad qualification with Milpark.”

Hargarter said: “At the beginning of our relationship with CRDB bank, internet connection in rural areas throughout Tanzania was somewhat of a problem, but over the years this has improved dramatically. Students have also learned over time that it helps to form study groups to encourage each other and share knowledge. This is supported by our electronic learning platform.”

She added that there are a number of initiatives coming up in the near future for both Milpark Education and CRDB Bank, that will see the relationship strengthen.


03 Apr 2018