Damian Willemse - Milpark Commerce student

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Damian Willemse - Milpark Commerce student


We recently spoke to Springbok rugby player, Damian Willemse, about his current studies with Milpark Education, and how he manages studying and playing professional rugby.

What inspired you to join Milpark Education and start your degree?

Getting an education has always been a goal of mine as I definitely want to be successful after my Rugby career. I have friends at University and so I decided that I would study my Commerce degree while I play professional Rugby.

Do you have any study tips for those starting their degree in 2020?

What I have done is make a weekly plan which includes time for my studies. I also recommend that you should studies something you are really interested in and not what your family think or want you to study, as you are unlikely to have the required drive or motivation otherwise. You should enjoy your time studying and also have time for some fun.

How has your experience been studying via distance online learning?

It has been a good experience and whenever I have needed support, Milpark Education have been there for me. Yes, it has been challenging with my travel schedule but all in all, I have enjoyed it very much. Thank you Milpark!

17 Dec 2019