Dr Jane Usher – my journey into academia

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Dr Jane Usher – my journey into academia


Dr Jane Usher (PhD) is the current head of department at Milpark Education’s Business School. After finishing school, she studied, travelled a lot and worked in a variety of industries, from banking and television to an auditing firm.

“I then decided to study teaching, which I was lucky enough to do full-time. After that, I travelled a bit more before settling down into a teaching position. While I was teaching I carried on studying remedial teaching, as I felt this would give me insight into some of the areas where the students were struggling so I could assist them. I moved on to a private tertiary institution and carried on studying,” says Jane.

A passion for academics

I did my Honours in Education, Training and Development, then my Master’s in Personal and Professional leadership. “It seemed like a natural next step after my master’s to carry on with my doctorate. I chose to do my PhD in Leadership Performance and Change, with a focus on women’s experiences in business. During the time I did my doctorate I worked at a public university and then a consulting house,” says Jane.

“When I finished my PhD I felt that I didn’t want to look at another academic article again, but that didn’t last long and I moved to Milpark Business School. In essence, I have been working and studying throughout my life, which is what I think people need to do to keep up with all the changes in our environment,” she adds.

19 Sep 2018