3 Steps to maximise the value of your MBA

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3 Steps to maximise the value of your MBA


A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can unlock many doors as they are courses specifically designed for those keen to access or embark on senior management roles in business. It provides you with the tools to take on senior positions because it exposes you to all areas of business including accounting, finance, marketing and human resources, to name but a few.

Doing an MBA takes time and dedication. “This degree is a tough one, in that it requires the student to acquire a significant depth of learning across many disciplines and people do underestimate this. In addition to this, it requires a balance between theory and actually putting into place what you learn on a daily basis at work. So, students need to commit 120% to doing the degree,” says Jane Usher, HOD of Milpark Business School.

Strategies for maximising your MBA

1. Fully engage with your studies: with Milpark’s MBA, you can engage through contact or distance learning. “Both these modes of learning require students to engage with each other, debate issues and immerse themselves in a variety of disciplines,” says Jane.

2. Network: debate what you’ve learned with your peers. Network and form relationships – these could last a lifetime and boost your career beyond your MBA studies.

3. Ensure your final research project is relevant and practical: make sure that it is one that you, as a student, can use to improve an aspect of your work environment. “Let your executive management know what you are busy with and give you the agency to use your work to add value in your workplace. This gives you credibility as someone who is able to base decisions on sound analysis and implement a solution, and thus improves your value as a professional,” advises Jane.

Other value adds: “Other areas that will add value, which may be seen as hygiene factors, are to ensure that your social media presence is visible on a professional online platform, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Be discerning about what you discuss and share though, as you need to show that you are an ethical and responsible business leader,” says Jane.

Your MBA should assist you in becoming more credible, but you need to put the work into it as well. “It is up to you to put into practice your leadership awareness and skills to leverage value from the qualification and practically demonstrate, on a daily basis, that you add value to others in your professional and community roles,” adds Jane.

17 Sep 2018