It’s never too late to get an education

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It’s never too late to get an education


In today’s shaky economy, work experience isn’t worth what it used to be. The job market is evolving thanks to technology and globalisation. Leveraging these changes to your advantage means getting that elusive qualification.

Higher education qualifications matter more than ever, and these words ring true to Candice Engelbrecht who received an opportunity to study her first-ever qualification at Milpark Education recently.

Engelbrecht, a personal assistant by profession has for years yearned to earn a qualification, and her dreams came true when she won a bursary to study the Human Resources Management online short course.

She reached out to Milpark to share her experiences of studying via our online interactive platform.

Q: What did the opportunity to study a qualification mean for you?

A: The opportunity has allowed me to enhance my knowledge and skills. It has made me extremely happy that I, too, have a qualification.

Q: How can you describe the online learning experience offered at Milpark?

A: I loved the online platform and how advanced it was. At first, it was a bit tricky to find your way and figure things out, but after the first week I had mastered it. The “classroom” environment was really interesting, especially when interacting with different people and gaining more insight into the subject. Our lecturers offered us full support and I loved the prompt responses and feedback.

Q: How has the course improved your skills at work?

A: The course has made me more efficient, I understand certain systems and processes better and I am now able to implement certain key aspects that I learnt on the course.  

Q: How important is education for an individual?

A: As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” Education is a necessity for every human being. It’s important to have the education that pushes us to be better individuals who can contribute positively to society, thus making this world a better place to live in.   

In response to the rising need for continuous learning, Milpark Education offers a number of online short courses designed to improve one’s skill set. Our courses are designed to help students master their competencies at their own pace and according to their own schedule.  

15 Dec 2017