Milpark Business School and Innocentrix launch the SA Innovation League

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Milpark Business School and Innocentrix launch the SA Innovation League


Milpark Education’s Business School in collaboration with Innocentrix launched the 2017 South African Innovation League at its Melville campus in Johannesburg recently. The launch featured a panel discussion by previous entrants, the latest developments on the survey and a brief positioning of the 2016 results.

The SA Innovation League is an annual study conducted by Innocentrix in collaboration with Milpark Business School and The Africa Report. It aims to recognise local innovation excellence and ranks South Africa’s top organisations in terms of innovation. The panelists shared their innovation stories and pointed out that while innovation remains a challenge in South Africa, commitment to innovation still remains the key ingredient as an organisation’s ability to collaborate with various stakeholders across its value chain becomes increasingly important.

The Innovation League provides valuable insights into the local innovation landscape, fostering learning and growth. The League creates a unique way to benchmark an organisation’s ability to apply leading-edge thinking to the topic of collaborative innovation. It unpacks the results using the internationally recognised Innovation Readiness Model (IRM), developed by French business school INSEAD. The four pillars, Leadership and Ambition, Organisation and Collaboration, People and Culture, and Implementation and Measurement can be viewed as the foundation on which organisations can build sustainable collaborative innovation.

The Innovation League stresses that local businesses need to be aware of global innovation trends while remaining anchored in local relevance. When local businesses start innovating, the impact on GDP will be noticeable. By being able to sustainably innovate, businesses can continuously arrive at effective solutions to existing and new business problems.


Innocentrix works with leading organisations eager to win. It is an innovation business and technology service company located at the Innovation Hub that demonstrates over 50 years of innovation experience from across its team of experts. It serves South Africa’s leading companies and has a strong network of international partnerships. Innocentrix’s mission is to “Take you from concept to commercialisation.” Innocentrix offers the following innovation services:

  • The Thinkubator, an internationally acclaimed stakeholder engagement approach; 
  • Client Innovation Programmes, which create the ‘art of the possible, focus on stakeholder and ecosystem engagement and assists clients to move from idea to commercialisation;
  • Our House of Brands which makes Innocentrix the local go-to innovation company that offers best of breed innovation technologies to the South African market, based on client specific needs and innovation maturity levels;
  • Innovation Consulting and Advisory services, ranging from strategic initiatives to culture and change management; and
  • Union Events that fosters industry, government and academic collaboration and the making of new connections. Union events are typically described as an informal matchmaking platform in the form of a meet, greet, present and match.


17 Mar 2017