Milpark finance upskilling sessions a huge success!

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Milpark finance upskilling sessions a huge success!


Milpark Education has for the fourth time in a row presented during the annual career days this year at Belville Library in an attempt to upskill individuals on financial issues. Attendance was fantastic, with almost 30 entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs being ready to learn more to improve their finances.

The knowledge sharing sessions were held by the School of Financial Planning & Insurance in cooperation with the School of Investment & Banking of Milpark Education. More specifically, participants were able to learn more about personal budgeting as well as debt management. “It was inspiring to engage with individuals around financial topics and share some of the knowledge that our academics have acquired over the time, in theory and practice” says Servaas de Kock, Head of the Department (HOD) of Banking. Tyrone Ford, Lecturer in the School of Financial Planning & Insurance, found it humbling to hear the personal stories of some of the participants: “How rewarding it was to get the conversation going and to see how individuals deal with their finances, each one had to tell their own story!” he says.

Personal budgeting and debt management are very personal topics, and not everyone is comfortable speaking about it in a bigger group. Some of the basic learnings from the session on personal budgeting were certainly around keeping track of expenses consistently – even for that one coffee you buy in the morning, not to spend or plan to spend more than what you earn as well as working with the compounding interest effect which makes saving small amounts of money regularly and continuously so attractive. In the debt management session, individuals were interested to hear that working towards understanding and admitting you have a debt problem is really the first step and then letting go of your pride and asking for help is the second step.

Once the first two steps are taken, participants were surprised that it is actually very possible to get out of your debt spiral – with a lot of dedication and hard work!

Milpark Education is holding knowledge sharing sessions as part of their involvement in educating communities on specific topics. It is one of the goals of Milpark to make a difference in society by creating thought leaders and changing individuals’ mind-sets and behaviour towards society and the environment.

29 Jun 2017