Milpark lecturer, Shaaira Sackoor, qualifies with a Masters degree in Taxation.

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Milpark lecturer, Shaaira Sackoor, qualifies with a Masters degree in Taxation.


Shaaira Sackoor recently qualified with her Masters degree in taxation, we caught up with her about this achievement as well as her lecturing experience at Milpark and some advice for new BCom students starting their journey to qualification.

You recently acquired your Master’s in Tax – what was your experience of both studying and working – and why did you choose such an interesting Master’s field?

It is a challenge to work and study at the same time, but it all boils down to how committed and passionate you are about the field of study. I am very passionate about tax and have been working in the field for 9 years now.

I completed a BCom Accounting degree and was on the route to becoming a Chartered Accountant however the tax field was something I enjoyed from my undergraduate and decided that I would pursue a career in tax.

I enjoy the challenges the tax field bring every day and believe that if you are passionate about something, no matter how busy life can be, you make a point of achieving your goals.

Do you have any tips or advice for students of Milpark who are both studying and working full-time?

Life is full of surprises and unexpected events, however it is always in your best interest to keep pursuing your goals. I completed my masters while working full time and had a new born baby at the time. There were times when I thought giving up was the best I could do but I had a great support system who pushed me to keep going. I think it’s important to hold onto your support system and ask for help when needed. 

Keep reminding yourself of the end goal and even though the journey may be long, it will be worth it in the end.

What – in your opinion – makes a successful lecturer?

Understanding the needs of your students and being able to embrace diversity as well as the differences in opinions.

Lecturers do not only teach students but can learn from students as well and it’s good to build that kind of relationship with your students.

What have been the most interesting elements of lecturing at Milpark Education?

The ability to lecture corporate clients as well as students who have just left school, as well the ability to develop new content relevant to both markets. I developed the BCom Tax degree in its entirety, which included the study guides, outcomes and structure of all the modules. This has been my biggest achievement at Milpark.

Looking forward to the future – how would you say a BCom at Milpark helps an individual to reframe their future?

I believe the key to success is education and getting a BCom qualification is a ticket to success in the future. 

The nature of the BCom process enables one to gain competency in academic skills in a gradual manner. One can look forward to applying these skills in the future.


30 Sep 2019