Paddling towards a wave...

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Paddling towards a wave...


We recently sat down to be inspired by Brunhilde Gerber, the new lecturer in the Financial Planning and Insurance Department. 

So tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in the Free State. Being a farm girl, I loved the outdoors and sport - the more dangerous and difficult the better - because I love a challenge.  I found myself facing the biggest challenge of my life, one that I did not love then. I didn’t know what I wanted to study after school and taking a gap year was not an option.

People would ask, “What’s your dream? Do you want to become an attorney, accountant, physiotherapist, or engineer?” I didn’t know the answers to their questions, all I knew was that I wanted to study, and I wanted to be great.  But what exactly is greatness and what was it that I was striving towards?

I view my journey towards and at Milpark like that of a stand-up paddle boarding exercise.  First you struggle to get on your knees, then to stand up, then to stay up, find your balance, paddle and finally catch that wave. My challenge in deciding what I wanted to study was basically buying the paddleboard and getting it in the water.

I have often found myself attempting to paddle towards this greatness that I wanted in life, only to discover that I was still on my knees. I studied BCom Law, followed by LLB and LLM.  I practiced as an attorney where I found that I was still attempting to stand up, trying desperately to paddle towards this so called “wave” of greatness. 

It was when I started working at the Master of the High Court, where I discovered that I was finally beginning to stand up, that I found a passion for trusts and deceased estates. 

In my attempt to paddle, I furthered my studies in Financial Planning, Trusts and Deceased Estates. Low and behold, I had finally found my balance, but I wasn’t ready for the wave just yet.

During my time spent in the Financial Services environment, I discovered that I love the feeling of sharing knowledge and derived an enormous amount of joy from seeing others experience a lightbulb moment in doing so. It was then that I realised I was finally starting to paddle, and knew exactly where I wanted my paddle-board to go.

Education was the wave I’d been paddling towards and I needed to get on it.  Milpark was the perfect day.

So now that you are on this wave, what is your definition of greatness?

To find your passion, get on your board, find your balance, paddle like your life depends on it and ride the wave…because it can only be great.

What is it that you are still paddling towards?

To share knowledge, to continue learning to never stop growing and to help others paddle towards their own wave of greatness. 

15 Dec 2020