Samukeliso Mncube – My MBA journey

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Samukeliso Mncube – My MBA journey


Samukeliso Mncube CEO of Azisa Global, a human capital and business development consultancy, attended her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) through Milpark Education. When she began her MBA in 2010 she was already an aspiring entrepreneur but she says it helped her get a deeper understanding of management.

She realised that success was about helping other people to thrive. She has managed to take what she learned theoretically and apply it in a practical way after her graduation in 2014.

“It gave me an in depth view of business sand strategic operations. I have developed a healthy appreciation for the difference between the importance of theory in relationship to real time, real world situations on the ground.

Samukeliso says there were three benefits that stood out for her when she attended her MBA at Milpark:

1. She learned the value of teamwork: “One thing that Milpark does well is put you in groups during orientation and those are the groups that you work in for the rest of your MBA. If I was sick or unable to attend a class, my group or teammate would take notes for me. Syndicate groups can be overlooked but they are very important,” she explains.

2. She learned from others: “Because you’re working in groups you get people from different backgrounds that bring in different experience,” she says.

3. You become part of a life-long network: “Even after the MBA we still communicate and network – they can become friends for life,” she adds.

What has the Milpark MBA done for you?

“Being responsible for the development and the management of a business entity, the Milpark MBA has given me a great appreciation for the realities of what an organisation is and is the basis of any successful entrepreneur.

“Overall my Milpark experience has given me the fundamentals of real world, real life realities and has helped me in navigating the entrepreneurial objectives and needs of a competitive business environment,” says Samukeliso.

22 Aug 2018