Social Responsibility and Environmental Management

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Social Responsibility and Environmental Management


Written by Nazmira Sayed, Senior Lecturer, Milpark Business School


Milpark Business School has committed to sustainability by being a signatory to the Principle of Responsible Management Education (PRME), and by implementing the ideas and values of sustainability to its programme offerings.

In terms of offering, Milpark Business School has included a module called Social Responsibility and Environmental Management (SREM01-8) in the PGDip and MBA qualifications. The SREM01-8 module focuses on empowering students (i.e. current and future business executives, managers and leaders) to understand the influence and impact of business enterprises and their responsibilities. The module examines the social, ethical and environmental issues faced by both businesses and other kinds of organisations, and it thereby provides business executives, managers and leaders with a theoretically supported analytical perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and enables them to critically assess CSR issues, initiatives, drivers and responses.

The module exposes students to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so they can critically analyse their businesses and how they contribute towards the attainment of these goals. In this module, students are expected to engage in a corporate social responsibility project where they choose a listed company with the JSE and a corresponding charity, to determine fit for purpose between both organisations. Once this has been determined, pathways to the promotion of community upliftment and engagement can be discovered.

All businesses have (whether directly or indirectly) a moral obligation towards the community in which they operate. If and when these moral obligations are fulfilled, businesses can contribute towards the attainment of SDGs. With this module, Milpark Business School believes that they will produce graduates and future leaders who drive sustainability for a better society.

If you would like to learn more about our MBA programme that develops ethical leaders for the common good, click here to visit the course page on our website.


06 Sep 2021