The MBA – A journey to a renewed self

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The MBA – A journey to a renewed self


In today’s dynamic global economy, individuals require mindset shifts more often than traditionally required. Corporates are demanding dynamic skill sets and those that are primed for success are inevitably stronger at adapting to the required change.

The Milpark Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme presents individuals with the opportunity of not only acquiring the skill set but the ability to practically apply them. In doing so, our alumni and both current and prospective students are able to test the theoretical learning from the business school within their respective roles. In my opinion, this is a higher level of conscious learning as the practical application is relevant to the environment in which the student is employed. This allows for a customised application that fosters performance in the workplace.

With any programme one embarks on, the value of the learning is left to the individual. The misconception by many is that the mere attendance of an MBA programme is enough to catapult your career and performance to the desired levels. These mindsets in my view are labouring under a misapprehension, and a change in thinking is required before success may be realised.

The secret to the practicality of the MBA resides in the soft skills that one acquires on the MBA programme. The Milpark MBA offers students the ability to harness skills as it pertains to leadership, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, empathy, discipline and innovative thinking. These are, in my opinion, a few of the critical skill sets that if applied within the workplace, empowers you to fully utilise the tools acquired on the programme.

At this point, I would like to refer to my own experience within Standard Bank whereby the very application of the soft skills and theoretical learnings had afforded me the opportunity to win the UpSquad (Innovation) competition in 2016 as well as being awarded the Mark of Excellence in 2017. The competition is an internal innovation competition that had received entries in excess of 200 in 2016.

There are a series of judging rounds and my team was awarded first place. The win was attributed not to the technology utilised, but to the innovative application of Six Sigma that was achieved through strong collaboration within the group and across the value chain.

It is my view that the mark of excellence award was obtained based on the revenue generation of a digital channel that grew by approximately 200% in 2016. This was due to the strategic application of the “bootstrapping” concept which allowed for implementation despite the resource challenges that were experienced. It required the team to wear various “business role hats” in order to deliver on the vision for 2016. In doing so, agility and dynamic thinking were prerequisites to the success achieved and the tools acquired on the MBA were useful as the environment was conducive for its application.

The MBA is more than an academic programme, it is a journey to a renewed self. A renewed self that is empowered to drive success in a professional, as well as a personal environment that will leave a lasting legacy for future learners to follow.

29 Jun 2017