The PGDBA – why it’s the ideal bridge to Milpark’s MBA

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The PGDBA – why it’s the ideal bridge to Milpark’s MBA


Milpark’s Postgraduate Diploma in Administration (PGDBA) has been specifically designed to assist students who ultimately want to complete their Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a research Master’s degree. It is the ideal bridge to inculcate the requirements and rigour of postgraduate learning.

It is also compulsory for all students who have not studied financial management at an undergraduate level or who have no working experience in financial management.

“In the first instance, the programme exposes students to the requirements and expectations of research at this level. We have found that the students who have done our PGDBA acclimatise quickly to the depth and breadth of study required for success in their MBA journeys,” says Jane Usher, HOD: Milpark Business School (MBS).

PGBA benefits
This diploma will ensure that you have upgraded skills suitable for a business environment. You will be able to:

  1. Read and interpret introductory, functional and advanced literature in the field of management science.
  2. Communicate effectively and demonstrate an understanding of the business world.
  3. Collect, organise, analyse and critically evaluate relevant information.
  4. Undertake research projects effectively and confidently.
  5. Identify and solve business management problems.
  6. Demonstrate awareness of the economic, social and political factors that affect managers and business.
  7. Sufficiently apply conceptual knowledge and practical skills as an individual or as part of a team in a business environment.

What are the major advantages of the PGDBA?

“Students who complete the PGDBA at Milpark Business School are able to gain four exemptions, basically their first semester, of the MBA. This allows the student to complete their MBA in a shorter period of time. They build networks of peers who also move through to the MBA with them and these networks are incredibly important in one’s studies as well as the student’s professional life,” says Jane.

19 Sep 2018