The sky is the limit for Melanie January

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The sky is the limit for Melanie January


Not so long ago, Melanie January was traumatised by the sight of a computer because she didn’t know how to use it, but she was recently placed among the top 12 students in the Milpark Education Human Resources Management (HRM) online short course examination.

January works at Milpark’s Cape Town campus as a general office assistant, a position she has held for three years. “Milpark’s push for continuous development motivated me to get a qualification. My dream was to become a radiographer, but after my matric year, I had to seek employment at local factories due to financial difficulties.”

Prior to joining the private higher education provider, the 42 year-old mother of three was on the verge of giving up on life. But today, through hard work, she was able to bag her first-ever qualification. 

She says her children have been a great motivator in her journey. “I never thought I’d get the opportunity to study and get a formal qualification. I have always been inspired to achieve great things and I always push my children to aspire to do great things.”

The outspoken January says this experience has taught her that nothing is impossible. “I embarked on this journey not only for me, but for my younger son. I want to be able to help him more with his homework and encourage him to go the extra mile.” She also lauded the online learning classroom: “It is highly engaging, discussions are inspiring and around-the-clock lecture support is amazing. It encourages you to contribute and be an active participant.”

Maritsa Grewe, Milpark College academic manager, says: “Melanie’s drive and determination amazed all of us during the programme. She didn’t allow the fact that she was technologically challenged to slow her down; if anything, it motivated her more.”

Grewe’s comments were echoed by the online lecturer who shared the following: “She was always excited when completing her tests and submissions. The staff really supported her and I can say that she grabbed this opportunity. She also does not have much computer experience, but her eagerness surpassed all fears.”

January says she now wants to study the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers’ National Certificate in Bookkeeping and she hopes to put her newly acquired HRM skills into practice. 

15 Dec 2017