Thriving through the tides

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Thriving through the tides


During the last three weeks, I have had the privilege of serving on different panels adjudicating presentations by various cohorts of students (or ‘delegates’, as we prefer to address our executive education students) engaged in a range of learning interventions at Milpark Business School.

Awestruck by the high quality of the presentations, as well as the energy and passion exuded by the delegates, one couldn’t help but imagine what opportunities might have been missed if we had been cowed by the threat to education and training posed by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic at the start of the year. Instead, we found some allies in organisations that share our belief that the best way to deal with a challenge is to face it with unwavering courage and determination, intentionally seeking new insights and enabling a vision for even better outcomes beyond the current challenge. As team after team of delegates presented their action-learning projects, the newfound optimism in their personal and organisational capacities was refreshingly assuring.

We could only have achieved this by religious obedience to our own DNA and, perhaps, the good fortune of having corporate clients who share our vision and believe in our capacity to deliver learning solutions that are responsive to changing needs and environmental conditions. Through executive education, Milpark Business School aims to develop managers and business leaders who embody sound management and business acumen, pertinent industry insights and a fruitful imagination. As an Advanced Signatory (AS) to the United Nation’s Global Compact’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), Milpark Education privileges capacity building in ethical, social and environmental responsibility. Our offerings therefore aim to imbue in an integrated way: improved business expertise, enhanced behavioural competencies and a future-fit mindset.

The feedback from corporate partners with whom we collaborated in co-creating learning solutions is a firm testament to what can be achieved when we focus on seeking the growth opportunities within any challenge.

For an opportunity to collaborate on developing responsive learning solutions, contact: [email protected]

Dr Peter Ayuk is Head of Executive Education at Milpark Business School.


05 Oct 2020