Top South African companies recognised for having an edge in innovation

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Top South African companies recognised for having an edge in innovation


Being relevant in today’s disruptive business environment demands innovation – from the big corporate businesses to the entrepreneur trying to make ends meet. To this end, Milpark Business School is proud to partner with the SA Innovation League, an annual initiative designed to reward and recognise South Africa’s innovation leaders for playing a role in SA’s economic growth.

What is the Innovation League?

The initiative is run by ideas and innovation company, Innocentrix, and ranks South Africa’s top, medium, small and emerging organisations – via an online survey – according to their 'Innovation Readiness' scores. In this case, innovation readiness refers to an organisation’s ability to apply leading-edge thinking to the topic of collaborative innovation.

The approach is comparable to similar international innovation rankings and provides valuable insights into the local landscape, fostering learning and growth, as well as sharing information, lessons and global trends. The main aim however, is to showcase South Africa’s top innovation leaders and recognise innovation excellence, the winners of which are announced at an awards ceremony each year.

Four key areas in each category are considered

  • Leadership and ambition;
  • Organisation and collaboration;
  • People and culture,
  • and Implementation and measurement.

Innocentrix partnered with Milpark Business School on this initiative not only to validate the system and ensure that the application, methodology and assessments are executed with world-class accuracy and tenacity, but also to ensure that the Innovation League remains relevant from a local, as well as global, perspective.

Dean of the Milpark Business School, Cobus Oosthuizen says that MBS is committed to innovation leadership: “Innovation plays a critical role in a country’s economic progress, and South Africa simply cannot afford to become complacent whilst the competitive pressure on us as a country is intensifying. To stay ‘in the game’ we must upgrade our innovation prowess as a nation, and initiatives such as the Innovation League positively contribute to efforts to do just that. By means of the research conducted, and celebrating the achievements of the winning companies, the Innovation League serves as an exemplary example in an aspirational sense, i.e., inspiring companies, large and small, as well as entrepreneurs to join the efforts in making our country great.

The SA Innovation League Awards

The 2017/2018 SA Innovation League Awards took place on 20 June at Milpark Business School and were announced by Henra Mayer, CEO of Innocentrix. “It was great to see a statistically significant improvement in innovation capability across all pillars. It is evident that we are systematically growing an innovation capability as a country. It was a very close contest! The results demonstrated that locally our emerging enterprises were the most innovative, whereas our medium-sized organisations were ranked as least innovative. The most significant improvement in innovation capability was in our leadership and ambition pillar. We could, however do much, much better at collaborating effectively to demonstrate a better ROI on innovation.

The winners per category

Emerging organisations category

  • First place: Together Prickly Pear and Recycles Production
  • Second place: Reata Development Projects
  • Third place: Niche Integrated Solutions

Small organisation category

  • First place: Aromus Construction and Projects
  • Second place: Smoke Customer Intelligence
  • Third place: Bramhope Group (Pty) Ltd

Medium Organisations category

  • First place: Metro Minds
  • Second place: SSG Consulting
  • Third place: Space Advisory Company

Large organisations category

  • First place: Legal Aid South Africa
  • Second place: Vodacom
  • Third place: FNB

05 Jul 2018