Student Support

Whichever method or mode of study you choose, Milpark will support you in your efforts! At Milpark, students are supported via a number of services. These include:

  • Student Services
  • Tutoring
  • Counselling
  • A complaints service.

Student Services

Student Services provide a comprehensive student enquiry service to students to both contact- and distance-learning students. Students are able to contact Students Services via email or telephone to address all administrative issues, to clarify procedures and obtain assistance with navigation of online facilities. Contact-learning students can consult with Student Services support staff on campus if they have a problem.

Help from Tutors

Milpark Education has a tutor service to assist distance-learning students during their studies. If students need help with an academic problem (related to studying the course content), they can request assistance from their tutor. They are encouraged to post their question on the tutor forum for the module on the online course pages to enable fellow students to benefit from the discussion as well. If they do not want to post their question or problem in the forum and prefer individual assistance, they can use the tutor email function. Contact-learning students are able to get help from their lecturers during class attendance.

Counselling Services

Students may experience problems related to:

  1. their studies (study techniques, motivation, self-esteem, time management, etc.).
  2. career decisions (they may not be sure that you have made the correct choice in terms of their qualification).
  3. personal issues (family issues, personal problems, etc.).

Students who need assistance can contact the qualified student counsellor(s) at Milpark.

We recommend that students visit the How to study and Career guidance sections on myMilpark first. If resources on these pages are not sufficient to address their problem, they can contact the student counsellor.

For personal problems, students need to consult the relevant resources page under Personal problems before contacting the student counsellor.

  • Contact-learning students can make an appointment to see the student counsellor on campus via email.
  • Distance-learning (including online learning) students can contact the counsellor via email and will reeive support via email or telephone.


If students are not satisfied with the service they received, they have the option of sending a complaint to HelloMilpark.

This service is available only as a last resort to students who have followed procedures and formal channels – in your request you need to refer to your earlier efforts to solve the problem. The relevant manager will address your complaint speedily.


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