Study in São Paulo and Rio in 2018!

Course Overview


The Business in Emerging Markets BEMA01-9 module exposes students to business on a global scale, specifically within developing economies.

The 2018 destination is Brazil; in particular, the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Students will gain an understanding of the socio-economic, marketing, legal and cross-cultural factors that play a role in conducting business in a BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) country. A practical overview of running a business in a BRICS country will be provided.



The highlight of the trip will be a visit to the business hubs of São Paulo and Rio, to experience the diversity of their business landscape and culture.

This course provides an international perspective on doing business in BRICS countries. It offers an introduction to the Brazilian economy, as well as an overview of its history and culture.

During the trip, Milpark Business School students will enjoy access to high quality faculty and a well-designed programme of lectures, case studies and company visits.


At the end of the module, students will be able to:

  • Understand Brazil’s business culture and how this impacts on business decisions and strategies.
  • Better understand strategic planning in emerging markets.
  • Recognise risks and opportunities when executing strategies.
  • Select an appropriate emerging market (Brazilian) business partner.
  • Identify and manage the main emerging-market stakeholders.
  • Understand the common issues and mistakes that lead to failure in doing business in emerging markets.
  • Understand the driving force behind Brazil’s economic growth over the last 30 years, as well as its future, in relation to the BRICS geo-political construct.


  • Appreciate the uniqueness of the Brazilian market and social structure.
  • Learn how firms operate in terms of marketing, branding, human resource and strategic management in Brazil.
  • Identify business opportunities in Brazil.
  • Understand the macro-economic factors that play a role in doing business in emerging markets and how best to harness opportunities that arise.