AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE - Partnering with you on your learning journey

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AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE - Partnering with you on your learning journey


Every individual has their own journey in life, with goals that only they can accomplish. At Milpark Education, we understand that education is a stepping stone that will equip you with the tools and skills necessary to achieve your goals and live a truly extraordinary life.

Every Milpark student is unique. Some might find their purpose through engaging with NGOs, others will change the way business is done by working with startups. For some, success could take a few attempts, with valuable lessons being learnt that will change their perspectives and give them invaluable insight.

Education should be flexible to the needs of students and provide them with the support they require to reach their learning goals.

Milpark’s ethos is to develop ethical leaders who will be change-makers in the communities they wish to serve. Tomorrow’s change-makers will actively engage with opportunities to practice business for good, business with a conscience, business that empowers and uplifts.

In Johannesburg, Khanyisile Motsa, or ‘Mam Khanyi’ as she’s affectionately known, was tired of seeing young women disenfranchised by sexual trafficking in her community, so she started ‘Home of Hope for Girls’. She started with nothing and gave everything. Mam Khanyi faced eviction, social backlash and seemingly insurmountable odds in her almost single-handed endeavor to change the girls’ lives because she realised that in the broader sense, we all bear a measure of accountability to one another. Home of Hope for Girls is an example of real and lasting change that can be made, and it is an NGO that Milpark is proud to be associated with.

Milpark alumni share in our values. Mr Hassan Shaik graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, and he is now a successful business owner, who employs members of his community.

Ms Samukeliso Mncube is an MBA alumnus and the founder and CEO of Azisa; she works to uplift the customers she serves. Ms Adele Thomas obtained her BCom through Milpark, which allowed her to support her own and extended family, as she endeavours to build a truly extraordinary life.

Extraordinary people face the same challenges as ordinary people. Some have families, others have full-time jobs or companies – some balance their lives around all three. Milpark recognises these challenges and empowers students to schedule their programme choice around their unique circumstances by offering contact learning, distance learning or online learning. Lecturers are available to students outside of conventionally prescribed office hours to support and encourage them to reimagine their futures through accessible lifelong business education solutions.

At Milpark, we believe that education can prepare you for a changed world and empower you to experience and create the extraordinary. We see ourselves as your partner on this lifelong learning journey that has the power to transform, uplift and change lives.

16 Nov 2020