12 April 2022 

Written by: Joao Jaime Mahumana, MBA alumni  

What a challenging, joyful, interesting and most exciting academic journey with Milpark Business School! My academic challenge started when I was introduced to MBS as a PGDip(Business Administration)student. Studying at a tertiary institution was so difficult, in my mind, and the only encouragement that kept me going was the full and unconditional support from the caring MBS leadership, lecturers and staff members. On completion of the PGDip, I applied for the MBA with the same institution. In my world, the closest people to me are those from my family, and the MBS became part of my family. Hence, my gratitude goes to the abovementioned group of professionals.

In my view, studying is a huge challenge; however, it was made joyful by the MBS people who took me by the hand and made me understand the academic world. In the beginning, I was not sure of the area I needed to develop myself in, and the MBS staff took me through the available opportunities and helped me choose what suited me best. I will forever be thankful. This led to an interesting and most exciting time of my academic journey. Five years later, I decided to do the Doctor of Business Administration degree, and MBS was still the best place for me to study.

Studying at MBS has helped me improve my professional interaction with others and leadership skills, and apply relevant and appropriate leadership styles as a manager. In the process, I was transferred from one working place to the other with the objective of improving working conditions and relations, I was promoted from underground manager in a mine to an operations manager within a short space of time. I salute the work ethic that MBS professionals entrenched in me. MBS not only improved my work life but also my personal life, when interacting with challenging family circumstances.

To all those who are willing to develop themselves academically and professionally and are not sure of where to go or what to do, I strongly recommend you contact MBS through their website or even with a simple phone call, and join the growing family. This business school has been growing from strength to strength and most importantly, they take their students along.