Heading off on a study path in a particular field? Undergraduate studies refer to post-school education that is offered in the form of certificates, diplomas and degrees. You can access information on the wide range of undergraduate options offered by Milpark Education, grouped by each of our Schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Higher Education qualifications you need to have national matric certificate or similar, but Milpark also offers some Further Education qualifications.  Visit the College section to view the qualification options available to you.
All our undergraduate qualifications are available via distance learning. We have built an excellent support system for distance education students, which includes a user-friendly online system that offers administrative and academic support, a tutor line service for academic queries, an electronic library, etc. You'll also have access to a dedicated Programme Manager, who is available telephonically or via email to assist you.
Yes! There are two types of Higher Education providers in South Africa: public providers (partly funded by Government and called “universities”), and private providers (who may not call themselves universities in terms of the law, but who are subject to exactly the same set of rules and standards). All Higher Education providers must be accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), and all qualifications are registered on the Higher Education Qualifications Framework (HEQF) and have exactly the same standing in law.