Milpark’s Business School recently launched a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

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Milpark’s Business School recently launched a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).


Here's why you should consider applying.

Milpark recently added a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) to their already extensive list of post-graduation programmes. A DBA is the highest level of educational attainment and Milpark is proud to have the qualification added to the Business School’s growing list of learning solutions.

Dr Cobus Oosthuizen, Dean of the Business School, says being able to offer the programme has been on their wish list for ten years. “As a Business School, having an accredited Doctorate programme - which is the highest level of academic achievement - not only gives academic status within the business school fraternity (locally and internationally), but also demonstrates to the industry that the school has reached academic maturity.”

Why a DBA – Is it for you?

Ultimately, the purpose of a programme like this is to enable people to develop real-world, practical, in-depth, advanced and discipline-specific skills and applied competence in business administration.

It provides the opportunity for continued personal and intellectual growth, productive economic activity and also importantly, to make a rewarding contribution to industry and society.

The programme aims to empower individuals to solve complex business-related problems in a focused way, to effectively manage and allocate resources, and to meaningfully contribute to the body of knowledge and socio-economic transformation, in a responsible and ethical manner.

Ready to sign up? Be prepared for the journey.

To get a sense of what you'll be in for as well as get more information on the programme and the application process - click here.

According to Oosthuizen; “The Programme requires a rigorous standard that must be maintained. You often get someone who says ‘I want to do a DBA’, but aren’t aware of the commitment required. That’s why we have to build in these steps to check and make sure this person is serious. And Milpark as an institution needs to be responsible as to who we accept onto the journey.”

What is Milpark looking for in a research topic?

The world’s your oyster, but according to Oosthuizen, “we want our students to really dive deep and research topics and themes that would be a contribution to society - be it opportunities, challenges or problems – that are related to the fundamentally changing environment that business needs to function in in the current climate, such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, automation, future of jobs etc.”

What can you look forward to with a DBA qualification?

Obviously, there are no guarantees, but you will certainly become more marketable for employment at senior executive level across a wide range of industries. Having a DBA will further differentiate yourself from the crowd in that it will demonstrate to future employers your commitment to organizational, economic and personal growth.

Currently, eight students, from a diverse set of backgrounds, have applied for the programme at Milpark. Will you be joining them? You have until 30 April to get your applications in. 

03 Apr 2019