At Milpark, we prepare students for the real world. We strive towards this end-goal in every aspect of the learning journey, with course designs that challenge you to cultivate the necessary skills for the future digital world of work.

We offer a learning pathway from higher certificate to doctorate including executive education short courses, industry-specific Continuing Professional Development-courses, and curated Learning and Development programmes tailored for businesses.

Admissions are always open - apply anytime and simply register for the next semester or cycle starting date.

We have 24 years experience in delivering online business education solutions.



There is always valuable theory in a book, but the actual magic happens when students apply their knowledge, supported by our learning philosophy that promotes constant involvement and engagement in the learning process. It is through this immersion that is built into our course modules, that the knowledge and the skills start being inculcated into behaviours, and the competence is learned.

Our qualifications deliver on our promise to instil future-fit skills for ethical and sustainable business practices and enable our students who have journeyed with us to navigate changing environments effectively.

At Milpark, we believe everyone deserves to lead an extraordinary life and we look forward to partnering with you on your learning journey.

Our Vision

To empower people to become more than they dared imagine, unlocking their potential to help shape our collective future.

Our Mission

We believe we can empower people to become more than they dared imagine, unlocking their potential to help shape our collective future.

We will do this by providing trusted, leading, online learning journeys with high levels of holistic support that are accessible and transformative.

Our Values

Our values are what drive us forward and are weaved into everything we do. They provide the framework for how we go about our work at Milpark.


Real | Authenticity matters.

Being real means being yourself, even when it’s hard. We are who we say we are to each other and to our students.


Learn | Growth matters.

We pay attention. We reflect. We aim for growth and mastery. This is how we learn.


Strive | Our work matters.

We strive for excellence and look to deliver our best in every opportunity. We know that struggle and detours are part of the journey, but we persistently look to get the best results possible.


Care | You matter.

We care about each other. Colleagues and students. The people we work with and the work we do are important to us.




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About Stadio

Milpark is proudly part of STADIO Holdings, an investment company in private higher education, dedicated to widening the access to higher education learning opportunities in South Africa.