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Milpark Business School empowers and equips current and future leaders through business education to effectively and efficiently manage in an age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Our responsive and flexible learning solutions, are grounded on the premises of relevant and quality tuition, service and support excellence, and dynamic partnership with industry.

All our programmes, from the MBA through to short courses, are delivered via classroom learning, online learning and distance learning.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Milpark’s flexible study options let you choose between contact or distance learning (we have 41 national exam venues), and all our qualifications are registered and accredited with the relevant authorities. 

Our highly qualified academic staff have extensive industry experience, which ensures a learning environment that promotes growth-producing experiences for students. Our course content is relevant, contemporary and updated regularly. 

Milpark Business School also boasts excellent utilisation of technology, enabling easy online registration, administrative processes (results, documentation, etc.), academic support (including study plans, extra articles, exam guidelines and self-assessment questions) and tutor support. Our Student Support Centre provides excellent administrative support in our quest for delighting our students. 

We have two intakes per year, allowing students to start either at the beginning of the year or at mid-year. A more affordable offering means that students only pay for the modules they are enrolled for. 
We are a member of the South African Business Schools Association and the African Association of Business Schools, which ensures our alignment with both national and African business school fraternities. 

Finally, as a signatory to the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME), Milpark Business School has declared its commitment to developing our students to become generators of sustainable value for business and society at large, and to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy. We incorporate into our academic activities and curricula the values of global social responsibility of initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact. 

The challenges of the post-modern business landscape require leaders/managers to have a multidisciplinary skill-set. The multifaceted nature of the MBA and its orientation towards integrating all parts of the whole is therefore the ideal incubator for post-modern leaders. A significant shift in the student’s orientation takes place during the arduous MBA journey – the student’s perspective of the world of work and business widens with the achievement of each milestone (module completion). Ultimately, the new paradigm is applied in a practical manner when the journey culminates in demonstrating the ability of independent research to address real-life problems or opportunities within the industry context the student comes from.

Milpark Business School’s MBA is based on the understanding that modern management requires practical implementation of skills learned.

Milpark creates an environment in which MBA students perform the skills they learn in an environment similar to the one in which they will perform in real life. They are immersed in the milieu; they practise the skill; and they receive constructive feedback from an expert.  

Our MBA discourages the separation of thinking (formulation) from acting (implementation), because the world does not stand still while the formulation process takes place. Our MBA education recognises the complexity of the environment, and learning takes place through a partly controlled, creative, conscious thought process. 

By creating a learning environment, Milpark facilitates conversational learning – acting and reflecting, feeling and thinking – and influences students to take charge of their own learning. 

Feedback from MBA alumni and industry (private and public) stakeholders is overwhelmingly positive in terms of the value the MBA programme has added to the individuals and the organisations they serve. 

The most recent annual national survey on accredited Business Schools offering MBA degrees in South Africa ranked Milpark Business School third overall in SA.

Since 2009, Milpark has ranked among the Top 10 Business Schools offering MBA degrees in South Africa, achieving 2nd place, for the 3rd consecutive year - PMR Africa 2018.

The survey is conducted among human resource directors and managers in listed and large companies, national, provincial and local government departments, municipalities and state-owned enterprises in South Africa that employ MBA graduates and students. The ratings are based on the perceptions of the respondents who rate MBA graduates and students across 19 attributes, including application of knowledge in the workplace; entrepreneurial skills/capacity/abilities; innovation and strategic management.

Milpark is registered as an independent Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) with the Department of Higher Education and Training under the registration number 2007/HE07/003. In South Africa, all higher education programmes must be quality assured by the Council on Higher Education’s Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC). Once the HEQC has approved a programme, it is registered as such by the Department of Higher Education and Training and is also listed on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) which is administered by the South African Qualifications Authority (known to most of us as SAQA).

Milpark meets all these requirements, which talks to international recognition. International accreditation is wholly different in that institutions voluntarily apply for accreditation with international bodies such as AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB. At present, Milpark Business School is not yet accredited with any of these bodies but has initiated the application process with AMBA.