Swift Action - Tomorrow is beautiful!

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Swift Action - Tomorrow is beautiful!


Milpark Business School’s response in light of the recent crisis that sparked a global pandemic and President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of a national disaster and subsequent lockdown required swift, decisive planning, action and implementation of a contingency strategy to ensure minimal disruption to students learning trajectory.

Brian Tracy asserts that “the true test of leadership is how well you function in a crisis.”

It is befitting to recognize the strong leadership of the Business School and the expeditious implementation of the contingency plan that led to contact students transitioning to online learning within a short space of time. The collective efforts and valuable resources, i.e. the Milpark Education online learning platform and the flexible, committed team have contributed to the successful implementation of the contingency strategy.

MBS has received excellent feedback from students thus far. Some are the following:

“The Online Lectures have been very productive. In my view we covered far more than we would have covered in a face-to-face class interaction.”

“I am impressed with the swift action Milpark Business School took in reacting to the state of disaster, and in so doing ensuring our safety.”

Mirriam Malebo

‘I am happy with the way the lecturers interact with us online, and I think in the future, it can really work as an option for learning. “

Blessing Tlali

“I am happy with this planning. It is considerate and responsible on the part of Milpark.”

"The Global Trade (Macroeconomics – BRICS – Developing Markets) lecture was at a pace and tempo that I could cope with, the teething issues were obviously expected but they were minimal.”

Muzi Zulu

In the face of a changing future, specifically within the field of education, one’s learning method of choice remains flexible, be it a choice for contact – face to face, online or blended. Milpark Business School aims to remain resilient, in developing ethical leaders, with infinite hope for a brighter future.

Tomorrow is Beautiful!


27 Mar 2020