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The Milpark School of Financial Planning & Insurance offers the latest in Continuous Professional Development (CPD). These online Programmes are designed with the practitioner in mind, and will ensure that Representatives, Financial Services Providers and Key Individuals are up to date with the latest in industry best practice.

Milpark Education is an approved provider of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training by the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa.

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NQF Level




Minimum Credits



This is an activity that is, accredited by a Professional Body; allocated an hour value or a part thereof by that Professional Body; and verifiable. It excludes an activity performed towards a qualification; and product specific training.

Who needs it?

FSPs, key individuals and representatives

By when is it effective?

Will be effective as from 1 June 2018 and then candidates will have a 12 month period to adhere to requirements.

Who is excluded?

  1. A representative of a Cat I FSP appointed to render financial services only in respect of the financial products: Long-term Insurance Sub cat A and/or Friendly Society Benefits; and
  2. A representative of a Cat I FSP that is appointed to only
  • Furnish advice in respect of a Tier 2 financial product; and or
  • Render an intermediary service in respect of a financial product



Continuous Professional Development, as a competency requirement of the FAIS Act’s Fit and Proper Requirements, aims to ensure that financial services providers, key individuals and representatives maintain their required competence. The CPD cycle runs from 1 June to 31 May of every year.

The following table sets out the requirements*:

An FSP, key individual and representative who renders, manages or oversees financial services in respect of:  Minimum hours of CPD activities to be completed per CPD cycle:
A single sub-class of business within a single class of business 6 hours
More than one subclass of business within a single class 12 hours
More than one class of business  18 hours

*Requirements as set out in BN194 of 2017 

Milpark Education offers a bouquet of two-hour, six-hour and four-week online short programmes relevant to the functions of the FSP, KI and Representative.


  • Contribute to knowledge, expertise, ethical and professional standards, or
  • Increase technical knowledge, or
  • Provide generic knowledge and understanding of the financial services environment and regulation, or
  • Provide updates on changes in the economic or the regulatory environment.


  • Access to online programme page with online material
  • Depending on the topic:
    • Videos from industry experts guiding you through complex aspects of the material
    • Activities to complete to assess your own understanding and progress
    • Three attempts at the online assessments.
  • Online verifiable certificate available within 24 hours of completion.
  • Submission of the acquired CPD points to the relevant professional body.


List of Modules
Financial Planning Programmes   
Online Short Programme: Administration of Deceased Estates (CPD) ADME1-OS
Online Short Programme: Consequences of Non-Disclosure (CPD)  CONND1-OS
Online Short Programme: Constructing a Client Portfolio (CPD)  CCPOR1-OS
Online Short Programme: Cultural Diversity in Financial Planning (CPD)  CDFPL1-OS
Online Short Programme: Disability Cover (CPD)  DISCO1-OS
Online Short Programme: Employee Benefits and Client Engagements (CPD)  EBCEN1-OS
Online Short Programme: Employee Benefits: Risk and Structuring of Risk Benefits (CPD) EMBEN1-OS
Online Short Programme: Ethical Investments (CPD)  EINVE1-OS
Online Short Programme: Ethics Cases for Financial Planners (CPD)  ECAFP1-OS
Online Short Programme: FICA Annual Update (CPD)  FICAU1-OS
Online Short Programme: Forex Investments (CPD)  FINV2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Fraud Detection and Prevention (CPD)  FDPREV-OS
Online Short Programme: Global Investment Strategies (CPD)  GISTR1-OS
Online Short Programme: Health Services Benefits (CPD)  HSBEN2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Investment Planning (CPD)  INPLA1-OS
Online Short Programme: Investment Planning for Business Owners (CPD)  IPLBU1-OS
Online Short Programme: Investments (CPD)  IVES2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Long-term Insurance (CPD)  LINS2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Pension Fund Benefits (CPD)  PBEN2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Practice Management (CPD)  PMANA1-OS
Online Short Programme: Regulatory Requirements for Replacements (CPD)  RRREP1-OS
Online Short Programme: Risk and Business Assurance (CPD)  RBIN1-OS
Online Short Programme: Short-term and Long-term Deposits (CPD)  STLD2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Short-term Commercial Lines (CPD)  STCO2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Short-term Personal Lines (CPD)  STPE2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Social Media Use (CPD)  SMEDU1-OS
Online Short Programme: Social Media Use for Financial Planners (CPD)  SMUFP1-OS
Online Short Programme: Social Media Use for Key Individuals (CPD)  SMUKI1-OS
Online Short Programme: Structured Deposits (CPD)  SDEP2C-OS
Online Short Programme: Tax and Retirement Funds (CPD)  TACRF1-OS
Online Short Programme: Tax-free Savings Accounts in Financial Planning (CPD)  TSAFP1-OS
Online Short Programme: The POPI Act (CPD)  PAPAC1-OS


Short-term Insurance Programme  
Online Short Programme: Cost of Customer Care in Short-term Insurance (CPD)  CCCSTI-OS
Online Short Programme: Personal Lines Insurance for High-net Worth Individuals(CPD)  PLIHWI-OS
Online Short Programme: Short-term Insurance (CPD)  STINS1-OS
Online Short Programme: Fundamentals of Business Interruption Insurance (CPD)  FBIINS1-OS
Online Short Programme: Parametric Insurance (CPD)  PARAI1-OS
Online Short Programme: Protection of Personal Information Act  POPAC1-OS
Online Short Programme: Introduction to Fire Insurance Classes  IFICL1-OS
Online Short Programme: Introduction to Transportation Insurance  ITRAI1-OS
Online Short Programme: Introduction to Engineering Insurance  IENGI1-OS
Online Short Programme: Introduction to Liability Insurance  ILIAI1-OS
Online Short Programme: Introduction to Motor Insurance  IMINS1-OS
Online Short Programme: Legal Expenses  LEGEX1-OS
Online Short Programme: Introduction to Aviation Insurance  IAVII1-OS
Online Short Programme: Introduction to Marine Insurance  IMARI1-OS
Online Short Programme: Accident & Health Insurance  ACCHI1-OS
Online Short Programme: Introduction to Agriculture Insurance  IAGRI1-OS
Online Short Programme: Drone Insurance  DROIN1-OS
Online Short Programme: Personal Motor Insurance  PEMIN1-OS
Online Short Programme: Call Centre Training  CACET1-OS
Online Short Programme: Personal All Risks  PARIN1-OS


Banking and Investment Short programme  
Online Short Programme: The Future of Banking (CPD)  ​ FUTBAN-OS
Online Short Programme: How Banks Generate Income (CPD)  BGENIN-OS
Online Short Programme: Regulation in Banking (CPD)  REGUBA-OS


List of Class of Business training content offered for the purpose of meeting the CPD requirements of the FAIS Act
Programme Name  Programme Code  Accreditation Body:  Duration  CPD points
Forex Investments  FINV2C-OS  FPI  4 hours ​ 4
Health Services Benefits  HBEN2C-OS  FPI  7 hours  7
Investments  IVES2C-OS  FPI  7 hours  7
Long-term Insurance  LINS2C-OS  FPI   10 hours 10
Pension Fund Benefits  PBEN2C-OS  FPI  4 hours  4
Short-term and Long-term Deposits  STLD2C-OS  FPI  7 hours  7
Short-term: Commercial Lines  STCO2C-OS  FPI   7 hours 7
Short-term: Personal Lines   STPE2C-OS FPI  6 hours  6
Structured Deposits  SDEP2C-OS  FPI  6 hours
Semester 1 & 2
Admissions are always open.