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First Level Regulatory Exam Support for Representatives (Online)

Are you needing to write the First Level Regulatory Exam for Representatives? Why not give yourself an extra boost of confidence by completing Milpark Education’s comprehensive 4-week preparatory course? Not only will you feel confident about your knowledge, but you will also be competent in applying it! 

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The course has been carefully structured into a six-week programme
that breaks up the sixteen tasks and associated qualifying criteria
required for the RE1 exam into small, manageable portions.

During each week of the programme, students will cover sections
of the study material, and actively engage in their learning and
preparation by completing multiple self-assessment. Some weeks may also include recordings to explain more advanced concepts.

The course focuses on both the content required in terms of each
of the tasks and on examination techniques, i.e., the approach to
answering multiple choice questions. This online course provides all
study material in electronic format; however, students have the option to register separately.

The First Level Regulatory Exam Support for Representatives (Online) will enable you to:

  1. act in accordance with the FAIS Act
  2. help you maintain your FSP license
  3. adhere to specific obligations in terms of the relevant code of conduct and other subordinate legislation
  4. apply knowledge of financial products
  5. understand the consequences for representatives who act fraudulently or have committed any other act that could lead to debarment
  6. align execution of duties and actions with the compliance requirements
  7. carry out proper record-keeping activities
  8. adhere to the requirement of FICA and other relevant anti-money laundering legislation, as it applies to the FSP.


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