Executive Education

Milpark’s Executive Education training is designed to help build business acumen and instincts, while developing individual growth and business leadership skills.

Our executive learning experience is aimed at professionals, from entry level management through to executive level, and involves activities that create an experimental learning environment and challenge students to develop new approaches to situations.   

Milpark’s Executive Education programmes are presented in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban. Programmes can also be custom designed according to the specific needs of the corporate client.

The programmes cover three main themes: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Current prices for Open Enrolment classes are listed beside each class. Custom Programme prices are, by definition, custom. We would be happy to provide you with a quote based upon your needs. Please contact Jolene Theron on for more information about Custom Programme pricing.

Please contact the Executive Education office, either by phone on +27 21 673 9100 or by e-mail, and discuss your organisation’s management development and training needs. Milpark’s Business Consultants will meet with you to better understand your organisation’s particular needs and begin developing a course or courses tailored to those needs. Throughout this process, representatives from your organisation will remain actively involved to ensure that the programme being developed addresses your executive and management development requirements.

That depends on the complexity and the scope of the programme, but in general, we can develop a Custom programme in four to eight weeks. If you need something faster, give us a call – we’ll do everything we can to meet your timing.

Every programme is different, but we have found that class sizes of between 15 and 30 students provide the optimal combination of a dynamic, interactive, participatory learning environment, coupled with one-on-one personal attention from the faculty. 

Participants can expect a carefully integrated mix of lectures, presentations, business simulations, small group discussions and case studies. The case method is employed as the best tool to teach general management and leadership, offering multiple levels of learning, and compelling participants to identify relevant issues and to apply practical business lessons to their own situations and companies. 

Milpark Education is accredited with the Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE), and is registered as a private provider of higher education. The courses at Milpark Education range from non-accredited professional skills short courses to fully accredited National Qualifications. Milpark’s Executive Education programmes are presented and assessed by Milpark as professional skills short courses. There are no exams for these courses. Students are assessed through written assignments.  

The classes currently offered through Open Enrolment are clustered under three themes:  

  1. Leadership Development 
  2. Business Skills  
  3. Corporate Citizenship.  

For Custom Programmes, the sky is the limit.  

To ensure a rich learning experience for all participants, admission to Milpark Business School’s Executive Education programmes is selective, and based on professional achievement and organisational responsibility. For most programmes, proficiency in written English is required, and participants must be fluent in the English language to take an active part in fast-moving discussions.