Written by Milpark Corporate Education team

Andrew became Milpark’s new CEO on 1 January 2022. We asked him about his first six months in the role and what the future holds.

“I have now been at Milpark for six months and, in that time, I have taken the opportunity to engage with teams across the organisation to consolidate our strategic vision, mission and values. 

Milpark’s vision is to empower people to become more than they dared imagine, unlocking their potential to help shape our collective future. It’s a vision that is based on our intention to equip our students with the required life skills, mentorship and opportunities for optimal success. And we firmly believe this is achievable with Milpark’s online learning platform. 

It’s great to be part of the online learning journey and the growth trajectory of our clients - employers and employees alike. I believe that students who are holistically supported can make the most of their learning and development, and, in the process, benefit their companies, communities and society as a whole. 

Like I say, it’s not a small vision. And it’s not a small task. But it’s one we believe in. And one I am convinced we as Milpark can deliver on.”


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