13 March 2024

Written by Marisa Grundling - HOD: Risk and Insurance

Having had the privilege of participating as a judge in the elimination round, it was a distinct honour to witness the subsequent phase wherein the cohort was narrowed down from the top 20 to the top 10, under the auspices of Discovery – a platform renowned for its captivating events.

The competition exuded a palpable sense of ambition and a requisite touch of self-assurance, characteristics indispensable for success in such endeavours. Each interview during this phase emanated an energy reflective of these qualities.

The initial challenge entailed crafting a presentation in the role of an Executive Committee member of an insurance company, tasked with addressing some of South Africa's most significant external risks, extending beyond the conventional realm of insurance. This nuanced perspective was underscored by Darryl Grater, the Chief Growth Officer at Discovery, who emphasised the impracticality of insurance operating in isolation.

As the top 20 participants formed teams and delved into discussions, tensions emerged, manifesting in diverse opinions and struggles for leadership and direction. Despite the challenges, the teams managed to generate innovative ideas, presenting them to the judges for constructive critique.

The culmination of the day featured a spirited debate among the top 20, exploring various topics with contrasting arguments for and against, bringing the day to a crescendo of intellectual engagement.

The Insurance Apprentice Initiate serves as a commendable initiative, not only as a showcase of the insurance industry but also as a platform to spotlight the remarkable young talent poised to make significant contributions to the industry's future. The enthusiasm and dedication exhibited by the participants underscore the programme's role in fostering the growth of promising individuals within the insurance sector.