22 January 2024 

Written by Maritsa Grewe

Industry and literature have been reshaping the workplace by introducing terms such as modern workplace and artificial intelligence (AI). However, understanding what constitutes a modern workplace, how AI can be effectively used and the role of HR in this context might be a challenging pursuit. Permit me to break down these terms and clarify how they interconnect with one another.

A modern workplace is often associated with a workplace that uses digital tools to empower staff and boost productivity (Harinarayanan, 2021). In the workplace, AI is most often used for automating routine administrative tasks to facilitate a smoother process so that the output is to make life simpler for the employee and ultimately increase productivity. Apart from the automation of tasks, AI assists with generating written content, designing graphs and numerous other exciting outputs. HR professionals find themselves at the forefront of having to empower their people to make intelligent decisions and be innovative in how AI can be used. HR should prioritise ensuring that the workforce understands the rationale behind the use of AI tools in the company to secure buy-in from all and cultivate a collaborative environment. Conducting training programmes or workshops will empower employees with the necessary skills to effectively work alongside AI tools. HR professionals must also ensure that their staff feels secure and is guided through this transformative process (Chowdhury, et al., 2023).

At Milpark, our core values are REAL, LEARN, STRIVE and CARE. In venturing into the world of AI, we are living these values, especially as to keeping it real and growing – and we’re taking our students and staff along for the ride. We are also committed to caring, as it not only supports our future plans but also demonstrates genuine concern for employee wellbeing – and HR professionals serve as architects, ensuring that that wellbeing is prioritised.


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