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Start your BBA or BCOM degree online during the Covid-19 lockdown! Use this great opportunity of time to study and improve your career opportunities for the future! We would like to assist you in getting started with a special offer.

Special Offer:

  • Admission Fee + first 2 Introductory modules @ R2100
  • Register for an additional module starting in October and qualify for 2020 prices
  • Favourable payment terms - Pay 4 monthly instalments of 25% of the total, e.g. Combo = R2100 (introductory modules) + R7500 (full module @ 2020 price) = R9600 ÷ 4 months = R2400 per month.

Making it more affordable during these challenging times!

The introductory modules you will start with are Induction to Business Studies and Business Numeracy.

Offer ends 15 October 2020. T&Cs apply.

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Modern economies are based on knowledge, which is increasingly recognised as the driver of productivity and development. The Milpark Education School of Commerce aims to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills required for understanding and managing the roles, core processes and interfaces among the various departments of a business.

Milpark Education School of Commerce programmes are designed with a strong focus on the functional and practical skills needed for a successful and versatile career. This allows you to choose to specialise in relevant disciplines, including key areas such as business management, economics, accounting and law. Milpark Education School of Commerce qualifications have been designed to provide the knowledge base, practical competence and application skills that will enable students to either enter the labour market or pursue further studies in their respective fields. When you study business and commerce at the Milpark Education School of Commerce, you will gain a strong and holistic understanding of the interplay between financial, marketing, legal and economic systems, and their impact on business in South Africa and globally. 

Students who successfully complete Milpark Education School of Commerce programmes should be able to work in the different management functions needed by most businesses, contributing to a process of driving transformation and change within a business organisation. Our qualifications are offered via contact learning at the Johannesburg (Melville Campus) and nationally via distance learning.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) seeks to develop graduates’ business acumen and management capabilities through systematically building up knowledge in key business areas. The BBA degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company and their interconnection. The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a specialist qualification providing foundational education to students in the field of commerce across a select range of knowledge areas. As an alternative to a general commerce stream, students are able to select from other areas of specialisation, namely marketing management, human resource management, financial planning, banking, investment management and credit.
When studying for a BCom you can expect career opportunities in the following areas: human resource management, marketing, retail management, public sector administration, advertising management, digital marketing, analyst roles in banking and financial institutions.
Candidates who do not meet the Mathematics requirement, but who have achieved a rating of 4 or higher in any two Commerce or Science subjects, may be offered admission to our Milpark School of Commerce Bachelor of Commerce qualification on condition that they pass Business Mathematics in the first semester of registration.  For entry into the Milpark School of Commerce Bachelor of Business Administration degree, candidates require a National Senior Certificate as certified by Umalusi, with an achievement rating of 4 or better in four subjects from the recognised 20 credit list. The Milpark School of Commerce admits a small number of students to its programme via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Applicants who are interested in applying via RPL will be considered individually by the relevant Academic Committee. Foreign students who do not hold a South African matric certificate must present matric verification documents from the South African Matriculation Board on application.
The Milpark School of Commerce BBA degree has a combined focus on human resource management, marketing and business management, and prepares graduates for a broad range of jobs, all able to contribute to social and economic development. Through the Milpark School of Commerce programme, students acquire business education and learn skills that will help them to pursue various management and administrative roles in the public or private sector.
Milpark School of Commerce qualifications are offered during the week on a full-time and part-time basis. Part-time classes are scheduled in the evenings during the week and on Saturdays. Our qualifications are also offered via distance learning, which allows you to fit your learning around your work and home life.
The Milpark School of Commerce offers contact learning at our Melville Campus in Johannesburg. Students can choose between full-time or part-time (evenings and/or Saturdays) contact learning. The part-time option allows you to study while working, thus enhancing your career and earning potential. This is supplemented by ongoing online tutor support through our learner management environment.