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Every Milpark student is unique, and we recognise that each individual’s journey presents its own particular challenges. As a lifelong learning partner, Milpark will help you navigate the challenges you may face on your journey to achieving your goals and living a truly extraordinary life.

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Welcome to the School of Investment & Banking

Our aim is to become your career partner in an industry that is changing at an unprecedented pace. As traditional financial institutions transform and new competitors enter the market, you need to be equipped with skills and competencies that prepare you for an ever-evolving world of work in the financial services industry. Let Milpark Education guide you on your investment and banking learning journey.

Why study at the School of Investment & Banking?

Our faculty is at the forefront of industry expertise. With lecturers who are knowledgeable and relevant, we want to encourage you to make the right investment in your education and career. Join us and learn from expert academics and practitioners. Take advantage of courses with essential content that foster practical application. Study online wherever you are!


David has worked in academia since 2016 in various roles. Prior to this, David was a Fund Manager in the Investment Management industry for 10 years. He holds a B.Com degree in Financial Management from the University of South Africa and a MSc in Finance from the University of London.

Heading up the School of Investment & Banking

David Venter X Small

David Venter

The Future of Banking

The banking industry has been widely disrupted for many years, and this is expected to continue into the future. It is also responding increasingly to the need for greater ethical and sustainable products and services.

Milpark Education shapes professionals who are driven by values and are comfortable with major technological advancements. This means being open to more universal, but also non-traditional banking instruments. This, in turn, has precipitated a need to increase the focus on compliance and risk management capabilities, as well as ensuring that practitioners are equipped to combat the evolving challenges associated with fraud and financial crime.

In addition, graduates are expected to be ready for tomorrow in terms of general skills, such as creativity, analytical thinking, problem-solving and persuasion. Milpark is passionate about embedding these qualities into our programmes to ensure we produce work-ready graduates.


Future-fit modules we offer


Financial Services Technology


Compliance Risk Management Case Study; Technology and Innovation Management


Financial Crime; Banking without Boundaries Compliance Techniques and Strategies; Fraud Examination

Fraud Detection

Ways to Study

All our learning activities are conducted online with options to suit your lifestyle and the level of engagement and flexibility you prefer.









Higher Certificate in Banking Services (NQF5)


Advanced Certificate in Banking Services (NQF6)


Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Banking (NQF7)


BCom with a major in Investment Management (NQF7)


BCom with a major in Banking and Investment Management (NQF7)


BCom with a major in Banking (NQF7)


BCom with a major in Credit (NQF7)


Postgraduate Diploma in Banking (NQF8)


Postgraduate Diploma in Investment Management (NQF8)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)    

Class of Business (COB)


Regulatory Exam Support



The Investment & Banking Academic Team

David Venter X Small

David Venter

Head of School: Investment & Banking

Elmare van der Westhuizen

Head of Department
Cralyn Collison (183 X 216 Px)

Carlyn Collison

Senior Programme Manager
Natalie Broock (183 X 216 Px) (5)

Natalie Boock

Programme Manager
Untitled (183 X 216 Px) (40) Mati

Matiyani Lamati

Programme Manager
Untitled (183 X 216 Px) (43)

Babalwa Chulayo

Programme Manager
Veronica(183 X 216 Px)

Veronica Hardenberg

Johan Potgieter 183 X 216 Px)

Johan Potgieter

Tracey Wilcox(183 X 216 Px) (4)

Tracey Wilcox

Untitled (183 X 216 Px) (183 X 216 Px) (183 X 216 Px) Willem Lombard

Willem Lombard

Simba Tibape (183 X 216 Px)

Simba Tibape

Jurgen Moller 183 X 216 Px)

Jurgen Moller

Untitled (183 X 216 Px) (45)

Cephas Forichi

Hugo Lambrechts

Hugo Lampbrechts